Q Factor
Six-issue mini-series based on the hot new TV show.

Summary Edit

Captain's log: Stardate 42125.7. Having introduced the Creeg -- a race of energy siphons -- to our federation on Tarod, the USS Enterprise makes its way on impulse power to Faltos, the first planet outside the charted periphery of sector 902. That is, of course, if Faltos exists at all. She has always been more myth than certainty.

Embarking on a newly issued assignment always leads to a mixture of emotions for my crew -- most paradoxically anticipation and trepidation. Never knowing, yet needing to know what lies ahead drives us -- and caution, governed by reason keeps us returning home time after time.

But to do any good at all in this day and age, the Federation needs factual information -- and it's our job to bring it back.

In this instance Faltos is the unknown that lies ahead -- and barring any side-tracking, Enterprise will tell the federation what it needs to know by 42150.