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It looks like the latest activity hear is over a year ago

If you are a star trek fan please respond, I'm trying to find you so I can kidnap you and take you to a parody universe.

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Ah yes, that was back in January. Back then, the wikia was getting tired of most of its community being from halo, and only some star wars fan power to really give it some variety, just a hint of mass effect weapons to make it at least feel more verified, but it was mostly haloified, and their was only 1 star fox fan to properly get things going. By this time I had sailed to hundreds of thosands of sci-fi communities in search of more varity, and of corse as I always do with trying to build a bigger stronger community on the internet, failed. In fact I rarly even find people on the internet.

Wanna be a good addition? this is a roll playing community, so make a character, and you will be our first star trek veriaty. Refuse this offer, and I will plunder your ship. Coordinets http://thdf.wikia.com/wiki/Team_Heretic_Dinofox_Wiki

take me im a trekkie
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